Pandarosa Miniature Ranch produces and sells Miniature Highland, Highpark, and Panda colored cattle that excel in the show ring and make impeccable pets. We have combined the best genetics with many decades of experience to produce cutting edge miniature cattle.

Jet Li

Jet Li – mini Highland Panda

Jet Li is our Elite Highland Panda that we are using to create our own New Miniature Cattle Breed. The new breed is being introduced in the spring of 2018.


Sheldon – mini Highland

Sheldon is our incredible 38″ tall Registered Miniature Highland bull. He has a great personality along with the most amazing look to his tiny but powerful confirmation.


Cesar – mini Highpark

We are Excited to welcome Cesar to the Ranch. We strive to produce the most exciting Elite Miniature Cattle in the Country.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu – mini Panda

Kung Fu Panda is exactly what we strive to produce. . .explosive eye appeal, flawless confirmation, and quiet disposition. He is 37″

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